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Kirkendall Neighbourhood Strategy Consultation – CANCELLED

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This event is cancelled and will be rescheduled in the new year

Come together Kirkendall

Kirkendall Neighbourhood Strategy

For the past year, the City of Hamilton has been asking the people living and working in Kirkendall what they think are the most critical issues facing their neighbourhood.
It’s time to come together and review what everyone’s been talking about and what to do next.

A strong sense of community is essential to our wellbeing, our feelings of safety and security, and it can impact how we participate in civic events.

How can we deepen the sense of community in Kirkendall and make better connections with our neighbours?
How do we make sure there is a place for everyone in a changing Kirkendall, and how can we impact what that change might look like?
What role do our parks, local shops, schools, our library, streets and community centre play in creating a sense of community?

Five main issues have risen to date. Let’s take a deeper dive, make sure we haven’t missed anything and discuss next steps starting with our HAAA.

Guest Jay Pitter will join us. Jay will be there to facilitate our neighbourhood discussion. Jay is an author, internationally recognized placemaker and inclusive city builder.

We have two sessions to choose from because we know Saturdays are busy.

Limited childcare spaces are available. Please register in advance.

There are two sessions: 10am-1pm / 2pm-5pm

Register here

Key Themes

We received 300+ submissions from our first round of engagement covering a wide number of issues and ideas. We’re asking for your input on the top five themes outlined below, if any themes should be changed or added, and what kind of specific actions would you like to see taken to address them. Click on the links below to learn more about each theme and to share your feedback!

A Changing Kirkendall

A number of people expressed worry about how development projects and rent increases are impacting the neighbourhood. The changing nature of businesses on Locke St is also a concern.

HAAA, Parks and Greenspace

People want to see the HAAA grounds improved upon with community input. There’s also a high priority on increasing the number of trees and protecting existing greenspaces and trails.

Pedestrian & Cyclist Safety

Speeding cars, traffic calming, bike lanes and pedestrian safety are issues expressed repeatedly.

Address Crime

There was a lot of apprehension about car break-ins and theft from private property. One solution was introducing a “neighbourhood watch” program.

Community Connections

People want more opportunities to celebrate their community and connect with each other. Some want a large Locke St type-festival, and others want small-scale block parties and other events, such as more movie nights and music in the park.

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