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What is the Kirkendall Neighbourhood Strategy?

KNS Key MilestonesThe Kirkendall Neighbourhood Strategy is about connecting and engaging with people who live, work, learn and play in Kirkendall and developing a shared vision for their neighbourhood. This neighbourhood plan is created by working with community members and stakeholders within Kirkendall to identify, plan and lead the changes they want to see. It’s about understanding we all have assets and strengths that can help make our community a healthier and more vibrant place to be, and finding ways to support one another in building it.

A number of steps are involved in developing a neighbourhood plan, and there are a number of ways community members can contribute to its development. This includes participating at special engagement events, attending meetings, sharing ideas and volunteering to help get the word out. Visit our get involved page for more info.

While funded by the City of Hamilton, the Kirkendall Neighbourhood Strategy is a community-led initiative. A Community Developer is tasked with supporting and facilitating the strategy, but ultimately it’s up to community members in Kirkendall to make it successful.

For more information or to get involved contact:

Sunil Angrish, Community Developer / 289-689-3330


Below are more details about what’s involved:

Project Objectives

The purpose of the project is to create an action-based plan for the residents of the Kirkendall neighbourhood by engaging with the neighbourhood, identifying assets, priorities, goals and objects for maintaining and improving the neighbourhood. The Kirkendall neighbourhood has identified the following objectives:

  • To develop a Vision Statement for the neighbourhood based on resident values;
  • To identify the key assets of the Kirkendall neighbourhood;
  • To reach out to all residents, using a variety of methods, to identify strengths and issues;
  • To inform residents about best practices related to urban issues;
  • To prioritize actions and assign responsibilities to the relevant participants;
  • To develop a final report that summarizes data and provides recommendations using clear language, and;
  • To communicate the findings to the broader community using a variety of methods.

What is a Neighbourhood Strategy?

Residents in all of the City of Hamilton’s neighbourhoods deserve to be healthy and deserve to live in vibrant places. One important way to make this happen is to engage people within neighbourhoods to identify, plan, and lead the changes that they want to see. All neighbourhoods have both strengths and challenges. A Neighbourhood Strategy will help residents identify and address problems and enhance strengths by establishing and prioritizing implementable actions.

Who is involved?

Anyone who lives, works, learns or plays in Kirkendall.  This includes residents, community groups, businesses, service providers, the city, and other stakeholders.

How can I get involved?

Contact Sunil Angrish, project lead: or call 289-689-3330.

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